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The Fulton Schools Web Services

Represent yourself online

At ASU, we are fortunate to have several options for online representation of ourselves and our units, labs and centers. 

ASU web directory profile (

You don’t need a website to have a robust web presence. Your ASU web directory profile has places to provide nearly all of the typical website information.

Have problems updating your profile? We can help guide you on the items you can update yourself, and those which require assistance of a directory administrator.

WordPress website with Pitchfork

We have developed a custom WordPress theme that meets ASU Web Standards right out of the box. WordPress is a commonly-used content management system (CMS) that allows “non-coders” to build websites visually.

We can get you started using this theme and provide help as you set up your site’s content through office hours, training documentation and videos. WordPress websites are hosted and supported by the web team.

Drupal website with ASU WebSpark

ASU Enterprise Technology (ET) has an alternative to Pitchfork in WordPress: ASU WebSpark, which uses the Drupal content management system.

Although we work exclusively in WordPress, we can get you connected to the ASU folks who can help you get a WebSpark website in motion. WebSpark sites are supported by ASU ET, and they also offer office hours and have a support community.

We provide support and services

Through our documentation and individual discussions we can help with:

  • Populating ASU web directory profiles (
  • Maintaining your WordPress faculty and lab websites.
  • Information and feedback on website accessibility.
  • Google Analytics reports for your website.
  • Web updates/restructuring of existing Engineering websites.
  • Content improvement through strategy and search engine optimization (SEO).

How to get support

Check our documentation

We’ve got documentation to help you learn about WordPress and the Pitchfork theme, including instructions to best use the block options.

Meet with us

Sign up for a 30-minute appointment with a team member. We can answer your questions over Zoom and help resolve website issues.

A laptop with the Inner Circle website displayed on it emerging from between a maroon and gold band.

Inner Circle and In the Loop assistance

Struggling to make new posts on Inner Circle? Having issues formatting your posts correctly? Want to make sure you’re using the right tags?

We can help. Sign up for a time to meet with one of our team members.

Any questions?

We’re happy to hear from you! If there is anything you are unclear about, feel free to reach out to Web Manager Jennifer Jurewicz.

Meet the team

Our team of committed web professionals is dedicated to making your web presence work for you and your audience.

Portrait of Jennifer Jurewicz

Jennifer Jurewicz

Manager, Communications

Engineering Communications

[email protected]
Portrait of Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan

Senior Web Developer

Engineering Communications

[email protected]
Portrait of Kristin Gasser

Kristin Gasser

Web Application Developer (IT)

Engineering Communications

[email protected]
Portrait of Erik Wirtanen

Erik Wirtanen

Web Content Comm Administrator

Engineering Communications

[email protected]
Portrait of Sean Manget

Sean Manget

Web Content Comm Administrator

Engineering Communications

[email protected]
Portrait of Monique Clement

Monique Clement

Communications Specialist, Lead

Engineering Communications

[email protected]