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Media Relations Protocol

Members of the media occasionally contact Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty directly to request information and commentary on matters related to engineering and technology. These media inquiries may be related to new or emerging technologies, employment trends, the viewpoints of engineering experts or current events.

Who is part of the media? Anybody calling from newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, magazines or even websites and bloggers.

If you are contacted and would like to talk to the media, please contact Lanelle Strawder (, 480-727-5618) with interview details (date, location) and subject.

The Communications team can assist before or during the interview at your request. We’d also like the opportunity to amplify your message through our social media. If you are contacted and are uncomfortable responding, you can refer the request to Lanelle Strawder (, 480-727-5618).

Have you already talked to the media? Let us know! It’s never too late.

Contact Lanelle Strawder

Do you have an idea for a story? Please submit the details through the online project request form: Communications Project Request Form