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HTML emails and evites

Sending HTML emails with Outlook/Internet Explorer

Before you send, double check all of the links and the text for spelling and grammar. Catch as many errors as you can before sending an email.

Always send a test message to yourself before sending to a large group. Always use DLs where available. If you have individual email addresses, they should go in the BCC field.

– Open Outlook.

– Using Internet Explorer, go to the webpage you want to send by email

– On the Command toolbar, click Page  and then “Send page by email…” If you don’t see the Command toolbar, press Alt+v and choose Command bar from View > Toolbars.

– Address the Outlook message. If you are sending an email to more than one person, it’s best to use the BCC field so that you don’t unintentionally share email addresses.

– Delete “Emailing: “ from the subject line.

– Review the message to make sure that everything is correct and ready to send. Normally you can make small changes here, but it’s not recommended as that makes the email message different from the “View it in your browser” link.

– Press Send

Sending emails with MailChimp

MailChimp can be used to design, send and track email campaigns. If you have a MailChimp account, you can request email designs from the Comm team.

We’ve outlined the entire process in the document below.