Fulton Schools Polo Orders

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All new faculty and staff hires in the Fulton Schools are provided a branded polo, paid by the college. Polos are meant primarily for Fulton Schools staff and faculty. Students may not order apparel unless they are a Fulton Schools student worker whose unit/department is purchasing the clothing. Units and departments within the Fulton Schools are welcome to buy additional polos for their staff.

You can select the following styles on the ordering form.

Unfortunately, individuals or members of the general public may not order apparel directly from the Fulton Schools. Please visit the ASU bookstore website for your branded Fulton Schools merchandise needs.

Placing an order

Using the online form, please make sure to enter your name, email, phone number, department and mail code. If you’re ordering on behalf of someone else, please include their name and email address.

All new hires should connect with your unit’s Business Operations Manager (BOM) for details prior to completing the form as each unit may have a different process for onboarding. This is also how you obtain the payment details needed.

You’ll be prompted to enter payment details, CC/PG, and any DR’s, if applicable. Add your department payment processing contact’s name and email address, typically your Business Operations Manager.

After submitting the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email, as well as communications along the way once the order is in process or ready for pick-up. Your unit will be contacted to confirm payment.

For any questions, please contact Elizabeth Cross: [email protected].


Q: I am ordering for my team or unit, how do I pay?
A: You will be prompted for payment details when submitting the form. Please have your CC/PG, and any DR’s, if applicable ready. Include your department payment processing contact’s name and email address, typically your Business Operations Manager (BOM).

Q: Can I choose any color clothing I want?
A: No. With a few rare exceptions, all apparel must be in line with ASU’s approved color palette. Colors you can choose from are black, gray, maroon, gold, white or a combination of those colors.

Q: How will the FSE logo appear on my apparel?
A: On polos that are black, maroon, and gray the FSE logo will appear in white with the sunburst matching the polo color. On polos that are white and gold the FSE logo will appear in full color.

Q: How long does it take to get my apparel?
A: On average, you can expect to receive your polo within two weeks from when your department approves the order. If your selected polo is not in stock, it can take up to 6 weeks.

Q: How do I get my order?
A: You will receive an email when the order is ready for pick-up. Polos can be picked up from the 6th floor front desk, or intercampus mail if preferred. Courier shipping can be arranged at the buyers cost if large orders need to be sent to Polytechnic campus.