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Fulton Schools polos

Polos are ordered once a month on the first Friday of the month. You can select the following styles on the ordering form. Polos are meant primarily for Fulton Schools staff and faculty. Students may not order apparel unless they are a Fulton Schools student worker whose unit/department is purchasing the clothing. Unfortunately, members of the general public may not order apparel directly from the Fulton Schools. 

Ordering for your department or unit

For each row on the order form, complete the contact for the order, select the polo style and color, indicate the quantity for each size and complete the billing contact and account.

Do NOT complete the columns shaded in gray.

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Hochreiter at

Ordering polos for yourself

For each row on the order form, include your name, public phone number or email address, select the polo style and color and indicate the quantity for each size.

Do NOT include any personal financial information. Expect to pay about $27 for each polo order size XS-XL. The price goes up for larger sizes. The exact price is determined based on the number of polos ordered and is not known until we receive the invoice. We only accept personal checks or money orders made out to Arizona State University. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash or card.

Polos are ordered once a month and take a couple of weeks to be delivered. Once the shirts arrive, you will be contacted to arrange pick up.

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Hochreiter at



Q: How much will my apparel cost?

A: It depends on the piece. Polos are the most commonly ordered items and sizes XS-XL cost about $27 with the group discount. The price goes up for larger sizes.

Q: When do I pay?  

A: Payment will take place after the order arrives, pre-payments are not necessary.

Q: I am ordering for myself only, not a team or unit, how do I pay?

A: Individual orders can be paid for by personal check or money order only, no cash or card. In order to pick up your apparel, you must have your check or money order. You will be notified of the total for your order when it arrives.

Q: Who should I make my check or money order out to?

A: Checks and money orders can be made payable to Arizona State University.

Q: I am ordering for my team or unit, how do I pay?

A: When your order ready, you will receive an email with the total cost and instructions for initiating a funds transfer to our account. Bring a print out of the transaction record with you.

Q: Can I pick up my apparel and pay later?

A: No. You must bring a correct form of payment in order to receive your apparel.

Item Selection & Appearance

Q: Can I choose any color clothing I want?

A: No. With a few rare exceptions, all apparel must be in line with ASU’s approved color palette. Colors you can choose from are black, gray, maroon, gold, white or a combination of those colors.

Q: How will the FSE logo appear on my apparel?

A: On polos that are black, maroon, and gray the FSE logo will appear in white with the sunburst matching the polo color. On polos that are white and gold the FSE logo will appear in full color.

Q: Do I have to choose a polo if I am buying for myself?

A: No, you may choose other pieces, so long as our manufacturer carries them and they fit the approved color palette (see above).

Q: I am unable to get permission to use the order spreadsheet, what’s wrong?

A: You must be logged in with your ASUrite ID in order to place your order.


Q: When are orders placed?

A: Orders are placed on the first Friday of every month, so long as the minimum order quantity of 12 pieces is met.

Q: What if we don’t meet 12-piece minimum order for this month?

A: The order will then be deferred until the first Friday of the following month to allow volume to build up.

Q: How will I know if we have enough volume to fulfill this month’s 12 piece minimum?

A: Everyone who placed an order will receive a notification email before the group order is placed. That email will contain more information about order status.

Q: I have a rush order, what can be done?

A: Rush orders can be placed, however you will be responsible for paying the full price (~ $45-50 + tax for polos).

Q: How long does it take to get my apparel?

A: Once placed, orders take about 2-3 weeks to be fulfilled.