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Marketing and Communications Team

Strategic Marketing and Communications



Craig Smith, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications

Craig Smith

Stephanie Mabee, Interim Director for Communications and Associate Director

Stephanie Mabee
Associate director 

Jessica Hochreiter
Manager, communications

Lanelle Strawder, Manager, Content & Public Relations

Lanelle Strawder 
Manager, content and public relations

The Team

Marco-Alexis Chaira, Photographer

Marco-Alexis Chaira
Student photographer

Monique Clement, Communications Specialist

Monique Clement
Communications specialist

Marc Collins, Graphic design specialist

Marc Collins
Graphic design specialist

Kristin Gasser, Web developer

Kristin Gasser
Web developer

Erika Gronek, Communications Specialist

Erika Gronek
Communications specialist

Rhonda Hitchcock-Mast, Graphic designer

Rhonda Hitchcock-Mast
Graphic designer

Joe Kullman, Science writer

Joe Kullman
Science writer

Robert Mayfield, Multimedia Developer

Robert Mayfield
Multimedia developer

Cydney Rooks Administrative specialist

Cydney Rooks
Administrative specialist

Steve Ryan, Web developer

Steve Ryan
Web developer

Amanda Stoneman, Science writer

Amanda Stoneman
Science writer

Erik Wirtanen, Web content communications administrator

Erik Wirtanen
Web content communications administrator